Who are we ?

We focus on knowing our customer and forecasting buying behaviour based on proprietary statistical models.
Conexance’s solutions enable companies to increase their performance when it comes to finding new customers and keeping current customers loyal.
Conexance is a leader in pooled behavioural databases, and has developed the leading database of mail-order buyers checked by commercial transactions in France.

Conexance offers services including rental of high-affinity addresses, segmentation, behavioural prediction, e-mail enrichment, and use of CRM solutions in Saas mode, making it possible to optimise the customer file, automate relational campaigns by scenarios of ultra-individualised campaigns and to carry out multi-channel retargeting operations.
Conexance develops pooled databases in the fields of Press, Charity and Catalogue Sales, both on-line and off.

The company’s shareholders are the managers, along with two investment funds, “Xange Capital” and “Turenne Capital”.

Founded in 2006, Conexance is classified by “Entreprendre magazine” among the 100 leading Future companies.

Conexance received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in the “Future Company” category late in 2009.