300 Partenaires Clients  900 Millions de Transactions 24 Millions de Foyers Acheteurs  10 Millions d'E-mails Transactionnels
30 Millions de Cookies 1500 Variables de Profils Clients  25 Conex Types

Change is inevitable, but growth is up to you.

Using the 1st French Transactional and Digital Database, Conexance decodes the purchase patterns and enables e-commerce players and retailers to increase targeting performances of best customers.

 Appartement de Sophie - Analyse et prédictions de ses achats
“At Conexance, we prefer ‘Smart Data’ to ‘Big Data’”, transactions rather than declarations, integration of channels over multiple channels, and the client trigger over push marketing, … and that’s what we’ve been implementing since 2005.”

- Didier Farge -